I have been a horror fan my entire life. The first horror film I ever saw was the Mexican version of Dracula, then La Lloba (hilarious now, but it scared the crap out of me as a kid), and the always amusing El Baron Del Terror. I grew up reading horror comics, and my first girl crush was Elvira. Hell, I still love her! Horror makes me very, very, happy.

So when I flew out of SFO last week to go to Vegas, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that there was a HUGE display of 1960s horror toys, Aurora model kits, and memorabilia that had me shaking with desire. I swear, being rich sure has his perks. It’s nice to see that he spent his money wisely.

I'll drink to that!
I’ll drink to that!

The Universal Monsters Anchor-Hocking drinking glasses would really make my kitchen complete, and those movie monster board games are screaming my name. Here is a video I shot of it.

Oh, the horror!
Oh, the horror!

They also had his monster guitars. This almost caused me to miss my

flight because I could not stop drooling!!!!!

I don’t know how or even if you can see this collection unless you have a ticket and go through the gate, but it’s worth seeing and it runs until December 2015!

I shot some video on my phone. Shaky, but it gives you an idea!










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