Rumour Boutique Hotel

After being off of blogging from my own website, I’m back. I’ll still be sharing posts on my social media channels but I will no longer be subject to my messages being censored or filtered here. I will also not be limited to posts that are 140 characters or less. I hope that any of you who follow me on other sites will continue to do so, but know that this is where I will be posting more openly and regularly. I have just returned from Las Vegas for a short little vacation.

I didn’t go for Punk Rock Bowling, but rather arrived just after it ended. While I was there I had some much-needed downtime and was super excited when I found out that my longtime friends Mimi Le Meaux and her husband Pinch were also in town. We all met up for a fun night of tropical drinks at Frankie’s Tiki Room and had a blast catching up. I’m looking forward to seeing them again when I go down for Tiki Oasis in August.

Persephone and Mimi
Drinking some Scurvy.
Fetish boots from the UK
Pretty nice, huh?

In Vegas I always like to do a little bit of antique shopping but didn’t have very much luck this time.  I think PRB and Viva Las Vegas in April made it so that everything good was picked over. So, no luck shopping. Even though the average temperature was in the 90s, I really needed to try out my newest pair of boots, these knee-high leather fetish platforms with D-ring laces from the UK that I scored just before my trip.

I did get lucky that Thee Swank Bastards were playing at the Double Down Saloon while I was in town. I really love surf and garage music, dive bars, and especially hot topless bass players. That night gave me all of that!

Topless bass players rule!
The swankiest of bastards



This mantis had a fiery temper!

I hadn’t been to Vegas in about four years when I was at the last Las Vegas Shakedown, and was really surprised to see how much the downtown area is changing. Gentrification is obvious, and there were way less crack heads than I remembered seeing before! It also seems to be taken over by angry mutants!