Love those toes

Summer is a time that I use to reflect, binge shoot, and take as many trips as I can. As you know, I just got back from Las Vegas. I stayed at a really cute boutique hotel called the Rumour because I don’t care much for the slot machine noise and crowds and this place is fabulously decorated in purple, black, and white. It’s also near the Double Down Saloon and a couple of gay bars so it attracts a rather interesting clientele of beautiful boys and party animals. It’s the perfect place for me.

Black boots
Vegas style R & R

I have lived in so many places. California (Northern and Southern), New York City, London, Michigan, New Jersey and all of those places had something good about them because I try to see the positive in things. I remember having sunny brunches on Ave. A in NYC in the sweltering heat and stomping across the subway platform hoping my makeup wouldn’t melt off. All of that had its charm. NYC used to be my special place but now it seems so different from what I remembered so fondly.

In Michigan I had a wonderful Barbie dream house with a huge chunk of land and a gorgeous pool. I could swim for hours while my sissy maid cleaned my home and dungeon. I’d BBQ on the porch on those balmy nights and have bonfire parties.

New Jersey not so much, but I’ll try to conjure up a good memory of Jersey City in the summer time. Ah yes, the amazing rose-flavored and saffron ice creams from the Indian bodegas. MMMMM.

I hear pre-9-11 Jersey City has changed for the better now. Can’t say I miss my jaunts through Journal Square station late at night, though. Too many shady characters.

Southern California summers are hot, but it’s hot the entire year. I remember walking home from school one day and the soles of my shoes stuck to the pavement and melted like chewing gum as I walked. The smell of Sun-in and baby oil as my sister baked herself in our backyard. The Mighty 690 radio station on AM radio.

London summers were all about fetish parties, shows, photo shoots. Now I live in Temescal, Oakland also known as “the Brooklyn of the West”.  I love it here. I love the temperate Mediterranean weather and the variety of cafes, restaurants, and the ample space I can enjoy here. It has the best of NYC with better weather.

I am in the process of getting together architects to totally remodel and retrofit this large but old house, so for the meantime I am without a dungeon. I will put in a small play space to tide me over until construction can begin and be completed because I want to have one to play in, shoot in, and be ready to take on some new local service-oriented slaves. I get emails often from people interested in serving but right now there is just no play space! I hope that by the end of August I will have something functional.

I have a pretty large backyard and am excited about my wonderful garden where I can grow my chiles and tomatoes. Hey, we Mexicans need a steady supply of salsa! I got this fantastic zombie garden gnome to protect my garden from any intruders so I won’t have to share my harvest. Zombie Garden Gnome
Want one too? Zombie Crawler Garden Gnome

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