Cult Night at the New Parkway Theater

I’m very excited to announce my next night of hosting Cult Movie Night at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA, July 31st at 10:30 pm. Some of you came out to see me host the original Evil Dead there April 17th and it was an awesome time. Before the film I held a trivia contest with officially licensed prizes from and a blast was had by all! I didn’t make those questions easy, so you had better brush up for next time!

This time you get to come out to see the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic at the coolest independent theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, the New Parkway!

Why is it so great? Well, for starters, they serve beer, wine, and great food there so you can drown your fear and stuff your screaming mouths as you watch the film seated in a comfy chair. They also happen to make a really great butternut squash and chorizo pizza that goes down great with a pitcher of Sierra Nevada which they serve on tap. Also, because Oakland is an amazing city of creative people that houses a theater hell-bent on bringing cult classics to both die-hard and new fans. The last reason is because they are allowing me to continue to make my dream of being a horror hostess come true by having me host these films and share them with my fans!

Tickets are only $8 so buy them today!
TCM at New Parkway

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