As you all know, I have been producing erotic horror for over 20 years. Starting with my very first website on aol, then on Geocities (remember them?), and yes, Tripod. And of course, Mistress Persephone’s Tartarus and the much-copied (and retired) sickchixxx were where I really got to share my interests with the horror punks and vampire enthusiasts of the world. I’ve always loved horror, especially horror erotica. Hammer Films started my love affair with sexy vampires and Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, all of the greats opened my world up to Eurosleaze. I love nothing more than to shoot this type of material and have spent this Summer shooting as much as possible. I am going to use this blog to shamelessly promote my work as it comes, so please check out the clips as I make them. Glamorous horror is my favorite thing in the world and that’s what I enjoy producing now.

Here is a selection of my clips from the last year with many more at my studio:

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